Inspect a Person

Specialists in Recruitment Verification Inspect a Person

Do you really Know who you are employing? Indepth Four Tier Profiling

It has been proven that recruitment agencies of today cannot perform complete and accurate background checks of employment history, educational certification and personal in-depth analysis of potential employees. Let Inspect a Person do the work for you. Using our multi step in-depth 4 tier employee profiling service our top investigators will complete a full analysis report on the prospective employee, providing an in-depth analysis report on the employee covering full background checks not only on the employee but also the individuals providing references. We also do full profiling and certification on education, criminal history, infringement history, financial background checks and also full verification of previous employers.

Our Commitment To You

All investigations will always remain completely discreet, confidential and within the boundaries of South African Law. We will always adhere to the POPI Act, where all and any personal information will be secure and protected at all times. At the completion of all investigations and once hand over has occurred, we will dispose of all personal employee information as per the POPI Act. All investigations will not exceed our 4 day turn around time unless agreed upon under special circumstances.