Inspect a Person

Specialists in Recruitment Verification Inspect a Person

pricing Structure

  • Once Off R500.00 per Person
  • Monthly Subscription Up to 10 People per Month - R4500.00 per Month
  • Monthly Subscription Up to 20 People per Month - R7500.00 per Month
  • Monthly Subscription 20 or More People per Month - R10500.00 per Month

Terms and Conditions

1. All subscriptions are payable in advance.
2. Employee consent forms must be singed by the potential employee before commencement.
3. The potential employee is an adult being over the age of 18 years.
4. The client undertakes not to use the information obtained as a result of the investigations for purposes which are illegal.
5. The company will assign a Case Manager to liaise directly with the client and report to them on the status of the investigation. For operational reasons it is not possible for the client to have direct contact with the investigator.

Legal Disclaimer
These terms and conditions shall be governed by South African Law and any dispute arising out of or in connection with the same shall be determined by the South African Courts shall not be required to refund to you, in whole or in part, any amounts paid or prepaid for use of any services, unless otherwise agreed. Our reports are obtained from public records data and investigative sources deemed reliable, its accuracy cannot be guaranteed due to potential errors in the actual recording, reporting of the data, or the inability to verify certain data contained in our records and information sources. Since the information is not owned by Inspect a Person or any of its affiliates, and since public records data on any one individual, group of individuals, company, or companies can be contained in more than one repository, Inspect a Person or any of its affiliates can only rely on its accuracy from the public records data sources presently available at the time of the search/ investigation. The information contained in our reports is confidential and proprietary of the investigative company providing the reports. Our reports and any information contained therein is for the exclusive use of the client without any liability on the part of Inspect a person, its directors, officers, agents or employees, or any of its affiliates or sources.