Inspect a person

Specialists in Recruitment Verification Inspect a Person

Personal, Financial & Criminal History Tier One

  • Full Names and Identity Verification - We first establish that the person is who they say they are, we have found in our investigations that sometimes family members use their siblings Identity due to criminal or financial issues.
  • Financial Records - We will provide a full financial record of the person, listing any court judgements, defaults, debt counselling records, garnishing orders or sequestration orders. It is important for the prospective employer to know the financial health of a potential employee as this determines the mental stability of a person and also their potential honesty especially working in the financial sectors.
  • Criminal Records - It is important to know if the person holds any criminal records. Depending on the job function offered this can have a severe impact on the reliability and honesty of a potential employee. It is important to know what type of criminal record this person may have.

Educational, Certifications and Qualifications Tier Two

  • We will provide a detailed report on the persons said qualifications, certifications, and schooling.
  • Through our relationships with most Universities we will be able to fully verify any higher education, this includes all college and other certification establishments .
  • Fake Certificates - We are highly skilled in identifying any type of fake certification, either by forensic auditing or by paper trail crunching. We will also establish whether courses were only attended or actual exams have been written and passed.

Employment / Employer History Verification Tier Three

  • Through our diverse, comprehensive and discreet investigation methods we will investigate the persons true employment history at their said places of business.
  • Company Verification - In some instances people create business records to booster their CV's, we will investigate the authenticity of the said companies while matching CV records to the companies history confirming that these said companies actually exist and that the employee actually worked for this company without even contacting these companies.

Indepth Reference(s) Background Verification Tier Four

  • Most agencies and HR departments accept at face (voice) value references given by nominated persons. We have discovered through experience that these reference providers are often not actually fit or suitable to provide accurate and objective references.
  • We will conduct a thorough check on the reference providers which will determine if this person is suitable to provide an objective and fair reference, this will provide you with the ability to either accept the reference or to ignore the reference when making an informed decision.